We support youth
on their way to adulthood

Our activities are intended for youth and those connected to them



The counseling office is an open platform which provides opportunities for solving problems together, exploring questions and discovering ways to change. It’s meant for people between the ages of 15 and 30 and guarantees anonymity, confidentiality, voluntary participation, and it’s free of charge. The counseling is available both in person or online.
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Soft skills training is an experiential training where we try living with people we don’t yet know, practice and gain new skills, and apply the skills we have already learned. Here we explore ourselves and others, discuss different topics, test our creativity as well as our cooking skills, meet new people and collaborate. It’s intended for people between the ages of 15 and 20.
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The Workshops program has developed as an answer to the needs and challenges the young face when growing up. With this program we are opening up the space to explore and understand ourselves, relationships, and our role in the community. We ensure a safe environment where young people can speak freely.
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Practicing assertiveness is an experiential training which focuses on working on yourself, understanding your behavior, and learning how to accept and respect your feelings and self in relation to others. It’s designed for small groups of 8 to 14 people, aged between 19 and 30.
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Project work emerged as an answer to the current state of society and the needs of young people. Working on projects allows us to be flexible and open in how we react to their needs. These types of programs don’t have a constant form; this allows for complete innovativeness of the project’s creators. Project work isn’t a consistent program, instead it’s created at the individual’s or a group’s initiative.
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We strive for continuous learning and growth. We believe that, in addition to the many programs we offer, going abroad also brings new knowledge. Our international cooperation is based on youth exchanges or trainings where participants gain practical skills that are supported with a theoretical background. These programs ensure a connection among youth workers across the globe and provide an insight into foreign good practices with which we enrich our programs.


Our mission

Our mission

CPM supports youth on their way to adulthood. Through our different and innovative experiential programs, we enable them to explore and strengthen their potential, widen their social networks, and effectively face challenges.

Our activities are aimed at youth and those connected to them. We devote special attention to young people in need and we offer them a comprehensive treatment.

We are a humanitarian organization which carries out a verified social security program. We have an NGO status in the public interest in social security and a status of organization in the public interest of the youth sector. We are the incubator for future youth workers.

Our values and principles

At CPM we work in line with values such as taking responsibility, creating a safe space, equality, community, quality, openness in reacting to needs and flexibility, sustainability, as well as innovative growth and development.

Our work is guided by the principles of cooperation and communication, active participation, taking responsibility, listening without preconceived judgements, a non-moralizing approach, a problem-solving orientation, creativity, empowerment and benevolence.

Fields of operation

Our main program is counseling in the form of an individual conversation with a person and/or their loved ones. Our other programs include volunteering, projects that raise the quality of life and youth work, and public engagement in the form of organized seminars, debates, and conferences. Our goal is to get the public’s attention to areas that pertain to young people in need.


Our team

At CPM we support the young on their way to adulthood. We enable them to discover and strengthen their potentials, widen their social networks and effectively take on challenges through various innovative experiential programs.
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Špela Gorjan

B.A. in Social Work, president

Nataša Hauzer

B.A. in Social Pedagogy, vice president

Majda Rančigaj

M.A. in Social Pedagogy, associate

Mojca Brezovnik

Social Pedagogy graduate, associate

Nika Meško

M.A. in Philosophy and Sociology, associate

Hana Markočič

Psychology graduate, associate

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