Youth Aid Centre Association - YACA

is a non-profit organization uniting professional and voluntary work in the field of the rights and mental health of young people aged among 15 and 29.
We are dealing with all problems that concern this population:
  • school or study problems
  • problems in relationship with parents or other people
  • poverty and social exclusion
  • unemployment
  • drug abuse
  • providing information
  • publishing

The organizational structure encompasses the following levels of work:

  • INFORMING: we have published a bulletin on psycho-social assistance for young people in Ljubljana, in which we introduced all voluntary and statutory organizations dealing with young people. We described all the rights of young people and the manner of their implementation.

  • COUNSELING: we run a counseling service, open every day, intended for one-to-one counseling and group work.

  • PUBLIC WORK: we organize seminars, discussions, conferences, draw public attention to areas concerning young people and develop the civil sphere for the provision of assistance.

  • PROJECT ACTIVITY: each employee heads his/her own project, this project cover drug prevention, good schooling, youth unemployment, ...

  • SUPPORT FOR VARIOUS YOUTH PROJECTS that encompass counselling and support for self-organised groups of young people and providing them with basic material conditions. This assistance is given until they become self-sufficient.