EVS projects of YACA Association in the framework of Erasmus+ programme

European Voluntary Service is a European Union project, implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ programme of the European Commision that enables youth between the ages of 17 and 30 years to become volunteers for a certain period of a few months in another European country. At European level the international youth exchange is running for 20 years, while EVS exchange projects at the Adventure Playground Maribor are running since 2012.

Projects of the European Voluntary Service significantly complement the regular programme at the Adventure Playground Maribor with the following key objectives: enabling freedom of the play, meeting the need of children to play and empowering them to have the control over their play, recognizing the need of children to explore the boundaries and providing a positive response to their need, regulating the balance between the controlled risk and safety of children, providing optimal choice of playing opportunities, encouraging autonomy and positive self image, mutual respect and creating opportunities for social inclusion and promoting the well being of children, their healthy development, knowledge and understanding, creativity and learning to learn.

EVS volunteers are actively involved in the team of playworkers and, together with playwork professionals and local volunteers, create an environment for quality leisure time of children and youth. During the implementation of EVS projects, children learn different languages and culture. The work of the volunteers has also a significant impact on the local community, to which the Adventure Playground Maribor is related. At the same time volunteers obtain important references and priceless experience. This is also why EVS projects of YACA are mostly long term, meaning that volunteers are usually hosted in Maribor for 12 months.

Implemented EVS projects:
(under every title of the project there is a link to detailed description)

2012-2013 Play Station Maribor

2014-2015 Play Relay

2016 Play Works!

2016-2017 Play Revolution

2017 Youth in One / Limelight

2017-2018 Play Lab


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