Every year we edit a thematic draft, which encourages youngsters to think about certain theme, searching for solutions and alternatives and to participate in this kind of projects as active citizens.
This year’s topic of the project was exploring youngster’s (un)happiness about relationships they are involved in (school system, parents, friends, politics etc.).


Was the topic of this year’s project, which took place in Ljubljana in KUD France Prešeren on May the 9th 2007. Participants were between 15 and 20 years of age.
Aim of the project was to inform and warn the local as well as general public about their status in different spheres such as politics, school system, parents etc. Despite of elementary meaning of manifestation – a public demonstration, the meaning of the project wasn’t only warning and informing but also exploring alternatives and solutions on this theme.
On the final happening of the project youngsters made and exhibit their signboards with critical slogans, which mostly started with: “I’VE HAD ENOUGH …” and later we had a public debate workshop, which was followed by a concert where a lot of Slovenian young groups had the opportunity to present themselves in public.
You can sense the spirit of the final happening in photo-gallery. Enjoy!

Contacts: CPM Ljubljana